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Measurement Match (Terms %26 Their Abbreviations)

Your task is to match measurement terms to their abbreviatioins. You may use your notes. Good Luck! :)

meter, yard, gallon, mile, dekagram, kiloliter, deciliter, centigram, inches activity , centimeter, hectogram, millimeter, millileter, quart, pound, centileter, feet, kilogram, kilometer, ton , ounces, milligram, pint, decigram, fluid ounces, liter class web page , gram language ,

cL, gal, mg, dL, oz, cg e-learning , kg, dg, g, qt create online activities , in., kL, ft. interactive , hg, mm, yd., m, T, fl. oz., km, pt, L, dag, lb., mL save time , mi. print quizzes , cm,