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OxWord I/52A/1 (I can describe jobs: Careers)

Match the words with their definitions.

a sector, experience, engineering, publishing, qualifications, retail class page , training, manufacturing, military, recruitment, a job, management, a career, finance, a profession distant learning , public,

the exams you have passed or courses you have finished, controlled by the government, the activity of managing money, selling goods to people directlyin shops, on the Internet, etc., any work you do to earn money, the activity of teaching people the skills they need for a job, a part of the business activity of a country, the things that you have done in your life educational games , connected with soldiers, or the army, navy, and air force quiz generator , the control of a business or organization, the business of finding people for job vacancies, the business of producing goods in factories, a job with a high level of training and/or education, the business of producing and selling books, magazines etc., a series of jobs you have in a particular area, the activity of designing roads, railways, bridges, etc.,