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Vstupný test - anglický jazyk

1. Test trvá 40 minút. 2. Otázky sú radené od najjednoduchších po najzložitejšie. 3. Nie je nutné odpovedať na všetky otázky, pokiaľ neviete. 4. Kvôli objektívnosti výsledkov %22netipujte%22 ( radšej neodpovedajte na otázku). 5. Po ukončení testu si zapamätajte výsledok testu a vráťte sa do prihlášky.

1. Today’s weather inside on page 6
in a library, in a bank, in a police station quiz generator ,
2. Whether she’s a good actress or not is a # of opinion.
in a book, on television, in a newspaper,
3. Mary was disappointed with her new shirt as the colour # very quickly.
outside a theatre, outside a supermarket, outside a restaurant,
4. She found it hard to # up to the fact that she would never be famous.
on a shirt, in a shop, in a school,
5. Given his sloppy approach to the work, it is # surprising that John has been told off.
on a menu, on a road, on a door dynamic quiz ,
6. Professor Smith is an expert on wildlife and its #.
, ,
7. A HISTORY OF THE CINEMA People everywhere wanted to see the new moving pictures after the world’s first cinema show # place in a Paris café in 1895.
at, up, on,
8. He # his neighbours into thinking he was a successful businessman.
very, too, much,
9. They had never come # such a beautiful little village before.
is, be, are tool for teachers ,
10. They look small, but they are really # big hot balls of burning gas. Some stars only live for a short time.
that, of, than,
11. Hundreds of years ago, people # stars, like the North Star, to know which direction to travel in. Today you can still see that star.
use, used, using,
12. And when in the 1980s cinema prices increased and videos became # ,.......
, ,
13. Afternoon show begins at 2.30 pm
what, which, who, when,
14. Pull
speed, direction, way, time,
15. SCRABBLE Scrabble is the world’s most popular word game. For its origins, we have to go back to the 1930s in the USA, when Alfred Butts, an architect, found himself out of #.
to, with, for, why,
16. You can jog at your own # so it is....
favourite, practised, popular, enjoyed,
17. JOG YOUR WAY TO FITNESS Joggin, or slow running, is an excellent form of exercise, # will keep you in good health.
because, but, therefore, although,
18. She had changed so much that # anyone recognised her.
bringing, including, containing, supporting,
19. You ought to take up swimming for the # of your health.
moved, ran, entered, transported,
20. Don’t # around after the film or you’ll miss the last bus home.
next, once, immediately, recently,
21. The play received a # review from the critics when it opened in New York.
after, down, behind, over,
22. Why didn’t you # that you were feeling ill?
remembered, realised, reminded, repeated,
23. They didn’t have # in their suitcase for all the things they had bought on holiday.
, ,
24. All the stars are very far away. The light from the nearest stars takes more # four years to reach Earth.
did, made active teaching , took, put,
25. She looked # surprised when I told her you were here.
start, first, once, time,
26. Eventually he made a # from it, ......
has, have, was, were,
27. PART TWO Section A Questions 6 - 10 • In this section you must choose the word which best fits each space in the text below. • Give only one answer to each question.
cost, charge, pay, spend,
28. It is # with many people because of its convenience.
on, to, in, at,
29. A ticket for four-hour programme of several films didn’t # much.
famous, favourite, popular, likeable,
30. ALICE GUY BLACHÉ (1873 - 1968) Alice Guy Blaché was the first female film director. She first became involved in cinema whilst working for the Gaumont Film Company in the late 1890s. This was a period of great change in the cinema and Alice was the first to use many new inventions, # sound and colour.
average, common, natural, regular,
31. She was # successful, but,.....
keep, rest, stand, stay,
32. But then in the 1990s, enormous new cinemas, # with twelve screens, opened and people rediscovered the fun of cinema-going.
had, need, ought, used,
33. You # really want to go for a swim when there is ice on the pool!
few, some, much, any,
34. 2nd floor children’s clothes
, ,
35. PART ONE Questions 1 – 5 • Where can you see these notices? • For questions 1 to 5, mark A, B or C. • Give only one answer to each question.
rebukes, repercussions, reverberations, refrains,
36. PART FIVE Questions 61 - 65 • In this part you must choose the word or phrase which best fits each space in the text below.
matter, subject, point, case,
37. By the 1930s, many people went # the cinema at least once a week.
cross, clear print quizzes , do, wipe,
38. These documents lend # to the reporter’s accusations.
almost, hardly, not, nearly,
39. THE SKY AT NIGHT There are millions of stars in the sky. If you look # the sky on a clear night, it is possible to see about 3,000 stars.
come, bet crossword maker , face, keep,
40. PART THREE Questions 21 - 30 • In this section you must choose the word which best fits each space in the text below.
built, carried results , held, supported,
41. ....when Hollywood became the centre of the film world, the best days of the independent New York film companies were #.
mustn’t, shouldn’t, can’t, oughtn’t,
42. Although our opinions on many things #, we’re good friends.
moment, tick, point activity , stroke,
43. However, when television appeared in the 1940s, the cinema became less #.
bleached, died, vanished, faded,
44. This teacher takes no interest # in the family background of her pupils.
by, before, within, under,
45. If you’re not too tired we could have a # of tennis after lunch.
differ, oppose, disagree, divide,
46. For this reason, comfortable film theatres which were safe from fire # built.
regard, realise, remark, trust,
47. The newspaper report contained # important information.
depth, weight, volume, gravity,
48. Foreign money changed here
claimed, pretended, lied, deceived,
49. ......suitable # anyone from a beginner to a top sportsman.
however, whatsoever, as such, in so far,
50. PART FOUR Questions 31 - 60 • In this section you must choose the word which best fits each space in the text below.
fortunate, profitable, favourable, pleasurable,
51. This product must be eaten # two days of purchase.
hang, swing create online activities , float, hover,
52. Alison’s train pulled out of the station on the # of ten.
not, from, about web 2.0 , out of,
53. She is much more intelligent than most people #.
match, play, game, party,
54. When Alice died in 1968, hardly anybody # her name.
off, along, at, across,
55. Every day new stars # born and old stars die.
little, small, light, more,
56. In 1907 Alice # to New York where she started her own film comapny.
many, another, an generate answer keys , a lot of,
57. He decided that there was a # for a board game based on words, ...
room, place, size, area,
58. If you make a mistake when you are writing, just # it out with your pen.
rarely, aptly interactive , scarcely, justly,
59. It wasn’t a bad crash and # damage was done to my car.
pretended, thought, meant, supposed,
60. One advantage is that you don’t need to go to a special sports centre # your exercise begins as soon as you step outside your front door.
advise, mention, remark, tell,
61. My remarks were # as a joke, but she was offended by them.
concern, relief, sake, cause,
62. .....the public preferred to # at home.
had, tried, used, would,
63. spite of the fact that his original # was only three cents a game.
somewhere, something, somewhat, sometimes,
64. When she was a child, she # visit her grandparents every week.
conserve, preserve, reservation, conservation,
65. At #, film audiences sat on wooden seats inside tents and watched three minutes of silent film. Sometimes the lamp on the machine showing the film blew up.
, ,
66. Frank never takes any decision without considering the likely #
earning, work, income, job,
67. Many cinemas # to close down.
market, purchase interactive , commerce, sale,
68. Section B Questions 11 - 20 • In this section you must choose the word which best fits each space in the text below.
took up , set out online learning games , made for, got round,
69. ....and # to design one.
wealth , fund, cash, fortune,
70. The decorated roof of the ancient palace was # up by four thin columns.
receipt, benefit, profit, allowance,