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Geometry terms

hexagon, isosceles distance learning , Polygon, equilateral triangle, octagon, straight angle, congruent mix questions , right angle, rhombus, acute angle quiz , obtuse angle, diameter school , chord, parallelogram, radius, pentagon, circle= ____ degrees, Quadrilateral, scalene, trapezoid,

touches both sides of the circle and goes through the middle, triangle with 2 equal sides, same size same shape, name for all 4-sided figures, less than 90 degrees, halfway across a circle, triangle with all 3 sides equal, touches both sides of the circle, parallelogram with all 4 sides equal, 360, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 5-sided figure crossword maker , 4-sided figure with opposite sides parallel and congruent, triangle with no equal sides, 6-sided figure, 4-sided figure with exactly one pair iof opposite sides parallel language , 8-sided figure, more than 90 degrees, closed figure made of straight lines,