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OxWord A/3C/1 (Phrasal verb to compound noun)

Complete the sentences with the correct words. The definitions of the missing words have been provided.

1. Despite the odd #, we finished on time. (a situation that stops something from happening or making progress)
turnout, , ,
2. Family # can lead to behavioural problems in children. (the failure of a relationship or system)
shakeup, shake-up, , ,
3. There was an unusually high # in the election, nearly twice the number predicted. (the number of people who come to an event)
breakdown, , ,
4. Southbound there were #s for miles. (a line of traffic that is moving very slowly or not moving at all)
hold-up, crossword maker , ,
5. The December elections were a major # for the party. (a problem that delays or prevents progress, or makes things worse than they were)
tailback, , stimulate your students ,
6. Although it was McCartney who announced the #, he had been most keen to continue. (the end of a serious relationship or marriage)
write-off, , ,
7. The end of the book was a real #. (something that makes you feel disappointed because it is not as good as you expected)
break-up, breakup, active teaching , ,
8. The best business is one with a small # and with no risk involved. (the amount of money that you have to spend in order to start a new business, activity etc)
setback, , ,
9. His mother is a high-school #, trying to raise four children on less than $500 a month. (someone who leaves school or college without finishing their course of study)
outbreak, , ,
10. The car was a complete # - I was lucky I wasn%27t killed. a vehicle that has been so badly damaged that it can never be used again
outlay, improve results , ,
11. An Apple Computer spokeswoman and other sources confirmed the # at the vice president level. (a process by which an organization makes a lot of big changes in a short time to improve its effectiveness)
dropout, , ,