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1. What is the job of the instruction register?
Arithmetic Logic Unit, Array Logic Unit, Contol Unit, Central Unit,
2. What is the job of the shift register?
System Bus, Main Memory Bus, Two-way Bus, CPU Bus,
3. What is the job if the program counter?
Carries data to the CPU, Carries data from main memory activity , Carries data to and from CPU and main memory and within the CPU, Carries data within the CPU,
4. What is the job of the accumulator?
Carries data of a particular address location, Carries the address of a data item, Carries data in a one-way direction, Carries addresses in a two-way direction,
5. The registers of the ALU are:
Carries both data and addresses, Specifies whether a read or write operation is needed tool for teachers , Specifies what to read or write from memory, Sends the address of the next instruction to be executed,
6. Machine code is made up of
Opcodes only, Operands only, Opcodes and Operands, None of the above,
7. The address bus
Program Counter, Accumulator, Shift Register, Instruction Register,
8. The data bus
Program Counter, Accumulator, Shift Register, Instruction Register,
9. The path that connects the CPU to main memory and which connects the components of the CPU is the:
, online activities ,
10. The registers of the CU are:
, ,
11. Registers are
build your own quiz , ,
12. The components of the CPU are: (choose 2)
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