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p.165 Grammar Conditionals 1

Good, bad, group_name3, group_name4,

language If you are late, she teacher gives you -1., We%27ll go swimming tomorrow if the sun shines., school If you don%27t like pizza, you could choose salad instead., If you hadn%27t overslept, I wouldn%27t have been late., If you forget your book, you would have to write lines., 1, If I didn%27t have homework, I would go to the movies., If you hadn%27t talked in class, you will not have detention., If she misses the bus, her mom has to drive her., 2, If she wore less makeup, she would be prettier., If you studied, you would have gotten an %22A%22., teaching If we don%27t have our phones, we couldn%27t call our parents., 3, If we had more time, we could read more books., online quizzes If you had read the book, you could have written a report., web 2.0 If we have phones in class, we could be distracted., crossword maker 4, If it weren%27t so cold, I will not wear a jacket., If you hadn%27t slept in class, you will not get -1., 5, 6, If I were nicer, I liked you more., results history If she had worn less make-up, she is much prettier., 7, school 8, If he were shorter, he would not have hit his head., If he hadn%27t given up, he had succeeded., 9, help students assimilate material 10, If he didn%27t sing, I wouldn%27t hate him so much., If we hadn%27t disagreed, we did not argue.,