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Unit 7 Lesson 1: Nationalism

War of 1812, Internal Improvements quiz builder , Anthem, American System, Monroe Doctrine, Henry Clay, Marshall Court, Nationalism, Andrew Jackson, Western Hemisphere, John Marshall create online activities , Second War of Independence, Frances Scott Key, Star Spangled Banner, 1828, James Monroe,

System that created internal improvements, Developed the foreign policy of the Monroe Doctrine, Year Andrew Jackson was elected, Proposed American System learning , Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1801-1835 computer assisted language learning , Known as %22Common Man%27s president%22, National control of trade allowed goods to flow freely., A strong feeling of pride and devotion to one%27s country, National Anthem, written during War of 1812, War between US and Britain that made the US feel stronger, Area the Monroe Doctrine protected, Another name for the War of 1812 distant learning , Improvements to roads, bridges and canals, A song of devotion or loyalty to a nation, Foreign Policy that says America will defend itself, Wrote the Star Spangled Banner,