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verbs past simple 1-2

read, fall, begin, keep, sit, go, do e-learning , understand results , send, cut, meet, grow, stand, think, speak, build, know, swim, lose, make, hear, break, run invite students , have, lie, tell, draw, give, pay, find, let, set, put, get online activities , become, be, come, mean, spend, hold online quizzes , leave, see, bring, take, show, say, write, feel, lead,

lost web 2.0 , became, built, heard, got, had, paid, thought, grew, held, began, fell, cut, came, kept, gave, went, wrote, felt, said, met, led, saw, sat, put, took printable , meant, did short answer questions , drew, spent, spoke, told, sent, lay, let, ran, found, knew, set, made, brought, undersood, stood, left, swam, was / were, read (pronuncia red), broke, showed,