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Genetics Terms

Dominant, Homozygous, Heterozygous, Gametes, Recessive, Gregor Mendel, Allele, Genotypes, Phenotypic ratio, Punnett Square, Phenotype, Law of Dominance, Genetics results history , Trait, Law of Independent Assortment, Genotypic ratio,

A trait that masks another trait., Austrian monk who studied pea plants test , Passed from parents to offspring; plant height, color, shape, A form (version) of a gene. One from mother, one from father., 1 trait is dominant over another, 1RR:2Rr:1rr 2AA:2Aa 4Gg:0, form of a trait only expressed when alleles are homozygous, Two different alleles; Xx, Yy, Zz, The science and study of heredity, Two copies of the same allele; AA, hh, Chart used to determine expected genotypes, What alleles (genes) are actually present; Aa, BB, cc, different traits assort independently in gamete formation, Egg and sperm cells; haploid cells, 3 tall: 1 short 4 purple: 0 white 2 round: 2 wrinkled, Outward physical appearance of an organism,