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PYP 15/1 (Summer jobs for young people)

Match the words with their definitions.

exhausting, an executive mix questions , orderliness, an asset, prospective, to pursue, to deprive, invaluable, menial, meagre, a scheme, to derive, a post, novel, to make up for, to provide for,

___ work is boring, needs no skill, and is not important, to prevent sb from having sth that they need or should have, a senior manager in a business or other organization, a plan for achieving something, to follow a course of activity, to make a bad situation better or replace sth that has been lost, likely to be or become a particular thing, making you feel extremely tired interactive , good organization, a major benefit, a job, especially an important one in a large organization, to get sth, especially an advantage, to give sth to sb or make it available to them, not like anything known before, and unusual or interesting, extremely useful, too small and much less than you need,