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Main Idea

find the main idea for each passage

1. In the 1830s, an Irish scientist said trains would never be able to travel very fast. Before 1900, people didn%27t see a need for telephones. In 1894, a British scientist said people would not use radios. In 1943, the chairman of IBM computers was asked how many computers the world needed. His answer: five!
rap musicians use music to express opinions about the world, rap musicians talk rather than sing, rap musicians thinkt he world is a bad place,
2. In 1964, four young men with matching haircuts landed in New York. The Beatles%27s music caused a revolution as thousands flocked to see them. More British groups followed, and suddenly as many British bands were on the music charts as American.
no ship can survive being hit by an iceberg, the titanic%27s cres caused it to sink, no ship is totaly unsinkable,
3. Nike was the Greek goddess of victory. Her name actually means %22victory%22 in Greek and is pronounced NEE-kay. Nike went to war with the Greeks and helped them win battles. She also led them to victory in other areas, including athletics. Today we know Nike best from aline of athletic products that has borrowed her name.
the British invaded America during the 1960s, in the 1960s, British music was better than America music, the Beatles and other British bands changed music in 1960s America,
4. In 1939, the world%27s Fair was held in New York City. People came from 60 countries o see the %22World of Tomorrow%22 products. Machines that washed dishes! Telephones that called long distance! Refrigerators that made ice! And even a radio with pictures-called a TV! The people of 1939 were excited about many of the things we now take for granted.
the Gold Rush changed California forever, gold can be found in California, California is a nice place,
5. It was the end of May, and Li still hadn%27t made a real friend. Li was shy and self-conscious about his height. At his old school, he%27d been on the basketball team and knew a few of the players, but when he enrolled at dunbar, basketball season had ended. Li planned to go out for the team next year, but that didn%27t help his situation now.
people should never try to predict the future, people cannot always predict how things will turn out, the world only needs five computers,
6. Tatoos might be %22in%22, but they can also be dangerous. Dirty needles are sometimes used to puncture the skin. These needles can spread deadly diseases. It is important for people to research tattoo parlors for their cleanliness.. Because, being %22in%22 could just mean being in the hospital.
dodgeball might not be a good game for all kids to play, dodgeball should not be played in schools, players who are not good at sports should not play dodgeball,
7. On April 10, 1912, the Titanic left England for New York. The great ship had all the latest safety features and had been declared unsinkable. But on April 14, lookouts spotted an iceberg. The crew swerved to miss it, but it was too late. A few hours later, the Titanic sank, and 1,595 of the 2,340 people aboard perished.
the Coilossus of rhodes is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Colossus of Rhodes was 110 feet high, A Greek statue was toppled by an earthquake,
8. Robert Baden-Powell thought boys in England weren%27t tough enough. So in 1908, he started the Boy Sc outs.s By 1910, scouting had caught on in the United States. That same year, Baden-Powell started the Girl Guides, again in England. The Girl Guides, or Girl Scouts, came here in 1912. Scouting has been around for about 100 years.
states should make tattooing illegal, tattoos come with health risks, people who are %22in%22 ahve tattoos,
9. The Colossus of Rhodes was a huge statue of the Greek Sun god. build in 282 B.C., it stood 110 feet high and weighted 225 tons. For years, it stood on the island of Rhodes. but an earthquake shook the area around 226 B.C., causing the statue to topple and break. Some say it took 900 camels to haul the pieces away.
going out for sports helps you nmake friends, new students are usually lonely, Li is having a hard time making friends,
10. Can insectrs be trained? Researchers placed chemicals into bee feeders. The chemicals are often found in explosives, such as bombs. Within two days, the bees connected the smell of the chemicals with food. They were then able to lead researchers to buried scent alone. Researchers hope to use honeybees to locate buried land mines, which are ussed as weapons of war.
scfouting started in England and then came to the United States, the United States often ends up doing what the British do., The Girl Scouts was first named the Girl Guides.,
11. In 1849, gold was discovered in California, which at the time had 14,000 people. Dreams of striking it rich caused thousands to head west. Few found gold. Most struggled to survive. In 1855, the Gold Rush was over. many moved on in search of new gold fields. But, by that time, California had almost half a million people. And, it had become the 31st state.
insects are very intelligent, it may be possible to change insect behavior, all insect behavior can be changed,
12. Is dodgeball fun for everyone? In dodgeball, a player is out of the game if he or she is hit with a ball., Many feel this keeps kids who are not good at sports from getting physical activity. Others feel dodgeball sends the message that its OK to use humans as targets. With this in mind, some schools have banned dodgeball.
manyh epole attended the 1939 world%27s fair, the world of tomorrow is now the world of today, people in 1939 had never seen a dishwasher or TV,