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4e, 4f, 10b China and Japan - Matching (Play multiple times!)

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Japanese architecture that shows Chinese influence, The Taoist idea of not calling attention to yourself, dynasty responsible for building the Great Wall, the geographic term for a group of islands, like Japan online quizzes , geographic features that isolated China, In Shintoism, which forces are the most important?, Chinese rulers have authority as long as they are just, facilitated contact between China and other cultures, the body of water that separates China and Japan, the culture that had a large influence on Japan, chose officials based on merit (intelligence and skill), a special type of pottery that was unique to China, emperor who built the Great Wall and had harsh laws, the river that was the center of Chinese civilization, a succession of ruling families in China, Confucianism was adopted in hopes of restoring this learning , two religions that represent balance with the yin and yang multiple choice questions , believes in living in harmony with nature and humility, a symbol that represents opposites, or balance, a special type of textile that was unique to China, nomadic invaders from the north, three Chinese contributions traded on Silk Road, religion that spread to China then Korea and Japan printable , Where is Shintoism found?, navigational tool developed in China, a Chinese development that replaced papyrus in Egypt, built to protect China from invaders, ethnic religion only in Japan, values nature and all life, belief system with ancestor worship and respect for elders,