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Open Book Test- Part 3 Ethical Counselling Relationship

1. Definitions of burnout have the common core of
be less assertive in his expectations around supervision, not tolerate the situation because he fears he will cause trouble and make himself uncomfortable in the process, avoid setting up a meeting with himself, his supervisor and his instructor to explore the situation further, consider the situation as not one that is ethical in nature,
2. What is the value of group work?
reinforcing dependency of the residents, a nurturing environment in which the resident is free to try out new behaviours (don%27t pick this one, seriously!!), respecting the basic rights of individuals to have their autonomy safeguarded by Tony (I am pretty sure that I safeguard my own autonomy, look the word up), a dual relationship,
3. Most helpers enter this field with a great deal of
make use of informed consent procedures, carefully document a client%27s treatment plan, do not barter services, except inc ases where this is the cutural norm, all of the above,
4. Dual relationships are generally discouraged because
pracitioners have a legal but not ethical obligation to report child abuse, helpers are required to make a report only if they are certain the abuse has taken place or is currently occurring, a report should be filed once the helper has grounds for suspecting child abuse, pracitioners should not report a situation if the client is adamantly opposed to doing so,
5. Matt is a placement student working as a substance abuse counsellor in a treatment program. This is the first time he has worked with chemically dependent clients, although he was in treatment 5 years ago and is now working for his certification as a chemical dependency counsellor. He was supervised while running his first group, then was told he was doing just fine and to ask for help if he needed any. His supervisor was always busy when he needed to process what went on in group. Matt was upset about the incident and felt he was being asked to work beyond his capabilities. Matt consulted with his supervisor and was told that he should
is considered unethical by virtually all the ethical codes, has the potential for conflicts, is generally an illegal practice, is always an attempt of the therapist to control the client,
6. Joe is employed at an organization in which there is poor management and little supervision. He seldom receives positive feedback for his work and is expected to meet unreasonable demands. Joe is a high risk for burnout due to
these relationships are also illegal, such relationships always impair professional judgement, there is a danger of exploiting the client, clients often misuse their power in the transference relationship,
7. Which is the least likely to be a structured group?
TRUE, FALSE dynamic quiz , ,
8. According to the Rational Emotive Behaviour therapy, the stress suffered by the helping professional would be the result of
outreach activities, client advocacy, confronting ethical issues, networking,
9. All of the following are considered as alternative helping roles except for which of the following
family therapy, community counselling, crisis intervention, brief therapy,
10. An individual can get the most from a group experience by
reestablish and individual%27s immediate coping capacity, give the individual an opportunity to work through unfinished business, help the person in crisis get some focus ont he problem and set short-range goals of what to do next, help the indvidual to develop an understanding of how the event has affected them, including the meaning of the crisis in their lives,
11. Developing ground rules, setting norms, and establishing concrete personal goals are the primary tasks of which stage of a group?
advocate, diagnostic expert, change agent, consultant,
12. Amy has recently become aware of how her negative thought patterns are contributing to her stress level and wants to change these before she burns out. Now that Amy is aware of her faulty beliefs she can
provide long-term therapy for individual clients, implement managed care in all agency settings invite students , educate the public and attempt to change the attitudes of the community toward mental-health programs, focus on individual client change,
13. The following is a way to prevent malpractice suits
recognizing that trust just happens in a group and with it, a sense of safety and security, being aware of respecting and maintaining the confidentiality of what goes on in group, quickly intervening by comforting others when they are experiencing feelings, givign others advice when they bring up a problem,
14. The goal of the community approach is to
chemical dependency group, learning coping skills online quizzes , personal-growth group, parenting skills group,
15. Which stage of a group is characterized by dealing with conflict, defensiveness, and resistance?
universal human themes can be shared and explored, groups offer hope to members that a new kind of life is possible, groups provide the opportunity for learning from the feedback of many others, all of the above,
16. Typically, helpers are good at asking for help for themselves when they need it
working, transition, final, initial and pregroup,
17. Tony is a counsellor in a halfway house and is really popular with the residents. He quickly responds to their problems with solutions, and will go all out to see to it that they get what they need and WANT. He CHAUFFers them to their appointments and is very helpful in filling out forms. The result of his actions could result in
initial, working, final, pregroup,
18. ______________ is a short-term approach to helping that is the treatment of choice in cases where clients are experiencing a state of acute psychological disequilibrium
physical and mental exhaustion, a negative shift in responses to others characterized by depersonalization, negative attitudes toward clients, decline of idealism and general irritabiltihy, personal feelings of depression. loss of morale, feelings of isolation, reduced productivity, and decreased capacity to cope, all of the above,
19. QuestionEthical codes are quite clear regarding how to address dual relationships, which means that dealing with dueal relationships is a clear-cut manner
personal stress, agency stress, individual stress create online activities , environmental stress,
20. A way of taking control over the possiblility of professional burnout is to
stress, idealism, depersonalization, impaired thinking,
21. Marilyn%27s 5 year old daughter has a bad case of the flu, so Marily took her to the walk in clinic. She is told that her daughter needs to be admitted to the hospital immediately for dehydration. Marilyn wants to stay overnight with her daughter inthe hospital since the child is quite upset, but the head nurse refuses her request. When Marilyn comes to you for help, you find out the hospital procedure for overnights, then discuss this with Marilyn and decide that you both should try to approach the head nurse about the situation. In this instance, you are using the following indirect client service;
learn to say functional statements in order to ensure change, learn to challenge her irrational beliefs,test reality, tehn act on her new thoughts and beliefs, force herself to act in new ways that will feel comfortable, all of the above,
22. Regarding incest and child abuse
look at expectations to determine whether they are realistic, find other sources of meaning besides work, focus on aspects of work that can be changed, all of the above,
23. Counselling is spelt with two L%27s in Canada and 1 L in United States. As Canadian%27s we should spell it, counselling
the interpretation of events, which are seen to be more important than what occurs in reality, the reality of working in a dysfunctional environment, one%27s emotional state quiz builder , incompetent supervisors,
24. The major goal of first-order intervention is to