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Part two open book test Ethical Counselling Relationships

1. On the matter of personal values of helpers, the ethics codes generally state that
Religion can get in the way regarding making decisions about sexuality.I would like to put religion aside and look at the issue in an objective manner, `Your self-talk about God punishing you for your sexual behaviour is keeping you from looking at the situation rationally, I personally believe in a loving God, but would like to explore your beliefs about God and sexuality so I could be of help to you. , Why not look at God in a loving Manner? I once felt that God would harm me for my transgressions, but I have changed my view about it and it has resolved many of my fears,
2. Jenny%27s family is proud of her counselling position in the mental healthcentre. Recently, her adolescent cousin got in trouble with the law. Jenny was asked by family members to counsel him since she would have his best interest and knows the family history from a personal point of view. If Jenny did counsel with her cousin, she would
a helper whould feel free to influence certain cleints to accept his or her values, helpers should do everything possible to keep their personal values out of helping relationships so that they can remain objective, it is almost a given that helpers will impose values at times, helpers behave unethically when they impose their values on clients,
3. Departures from commonly accepted practices that could potentially benefit clients are referred to as
A double duty to report to the police his possible suicide and the possible harm to the other two people, You feel that you should schedule another appointment this week to check to see if he still has a plan or has had time to cool off, Contact his wife to warn her that he knows about the affair and is threatening to kill her and her lover, Leave a message with your supervisor to clarify what to do next. Her voice message says she will be in the office tomorrow after her meetings in Toronto,
4. It is accepted to become Romantically involved with a client if you are both agreeable and have discussed the benefits and risks
be ina dual relationship, be in an unavoidable situation, have to seek supervision, document all services provided,
5. Ron and Mary are in counselling regarding the fact that Mary wants to work outside the home and he would like her to remain in the home untili their three small children are in school. Ron can well afford to pay the bills although his job is quite demanding and he feels the children would suffer if Mary were to get a job. Mary is a social worker and states that her career is suffering greatly since she has not worked for the last 5 years, and she knows she is getting further away from her career than ever intended. A response that indicates that the helper is not biased would be
unethical boundaries, boundary crossings, boundary violations, interpersonal boundaries,
6. Lucia is considering developing a dual/multiple relationship with her client. It%27s important for Lucia to remember
that all multiple relationships should be avoided because they are usually harmful, that absolute answers are available to resolve dual or multiple relationshop dilemnas, to be cautious in order to protect oneself from censure, to consider whether thepotential benefit outweighs the potential for harm,
7. Helpers who participate in social and political activism seeking to bring aobut change or sercies for populations excluded from service have this role in the helper roles.
secure the informed cosnent of clients and discuss with them both the potential risks and benefits of the relationship, consult with other professionals, seek supervision if the risk for harm is high and document any dual relationships in clincial case notes, all of the above,
8. When there is potential for negative consequences arising froma dual relationship, it is the responsiblity of the professional to
9. Ann is involved in a sexual relationship with Dave and has been struggling with the conflict in her basic religious values that sex outside of marriage is a sin. Ann believes that if she continues this relationshop, she will be punished in some way. She believes that her only choice is to leave the relationship since neither is reay for marriage at the present time. Ann went to her physician with physical complaints associated with depression. The physician recognized that her symptoms were a result of her dilemna and referred her to a counsellor. The following response would establish whether the helper could effectively work with Ann:
paraprofessional, consultant, advocate, none of the above,