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Choose the most suitable answer that matches the text. You may use a dictionary if necessary. BE CAREFUL that the definition matches the content.

1. Where did Tom say they were going to dig?
unwanted, need online activities , request,
2. %22Who do you think? Sunday School teachers?%22 What best describes this answer he gave?
he fell, he tripped, he suddenly met,
3. What does CAREFREE mean in the text?
it was free, he was selfish, he enjoyed adventure,
4. What doe DESIRE mean?
YES then they could find it again, No they would be looking for it, Answer_3,
5. Were they going to bury treasure?
islands, under trees, haunted houses,
6. How did their excitement increase?
pimples on a goose, he was curious to learn more, he felt a little scared,
7. Search For Treasure There comes a time in every boy%27s life when he suddenly has a strong desire to go somewhere and dig a hidden treasure. This desire came upon Tom Sawyer one day. He went to look for Joe but Joe failed to share this desire. Next, Tom looked for Ben but Ben went out fishing. As Tom was walking back home, he stumbled upon Huck who was all ears to Tom%27s idea. They went to a quiet place and discussed the matter secretly. Huck was always willing to be part of anything exciting because he was such a carefree boy. %22Where will we dig?%22 asked Huck. %22Oh, almost everywhere.%22 replied Tom. %22Why, are treasures hidden all around?%22 %22No. Treasures are hidden in special places. Sometimes on islands, sometimes in rotten chests under a dead old tree where the shadow falls at midnight. But most of them are hidden in haunted houses.%22 The last location gave Huck goose pimples but it made him even more curious to learn about finding treasures. %22Who hides them?%22 %22Robbers, of course. Who do you think? Sunday school teachers?%22 As they talked, they became more and more excited about treasure hunting. Both boys started to daydream what they would do with the many treasures they might find.
blasphemy, outburst, sarcasm,
8. What in the story is meant by goose pimples?
by daydreaming, by talking about going hunting e-learning , by discussing hunting for treasure,
9. What does STUMBLED mean in the story?
almost anywhere, almost everywhere class website , almost nowhere,
10. What does LOCATION mean?
losing something and searching for it, the place they were at talking about finding treasure, a different place where they were going to look for treasure,