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Choose the most suitable answer that matches the text. You may use a dictionary if necessary. BE CAREFUL that the definition matches the content.

1. Which period of history is this story set?
large oceanic mammal, a baby crying, a loud high-pitched noise crossword maker ,
2. Where else could people shelter?
the end of the school day, there was an imminent attack on the city, the end of the air raid,
3. What does DRONE mean in the story?
a robot, a low dull sound, a bee,
4. How was this different from previous wars?
half-buried, in the underground railway station, somewhere in the garden,
5. What does this wail signify?
in an underground railway station, all over Europe, in their garden,
6. From the text, what does the word WAIL mean?
at night, World War 1web page, World War 2,
7. What is meant in the text by BATTLEFIELD?
hundreds, thousands, millions,
8. Which of these do you think is the closest group of numbers for all the people killed in this period?
a farmers field in the town of Battle, an area of ground where soldiers fought, an area of ground where the city civilians were killed,
9. Which ONE of these words BEST describes how the people would feel in the air raid shelters? You may need a dictionary to assist you.
it was the first time everyone could fight in the war, it was the first time that everyone was in danger, it was the first time that soldiers were in danger on the battlefield,
10. Where was the shelter?
bored, excited, bereft, petrified,