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Dewey 700s

Child prodigy violinist assess performance , African American actor, Top female athlete of the 1920s, Daring escape artist, Famous sharp shooter, Native American ballerina, Wrote %26 illustrated Jumanji, Bring in %27da Noise, Bring in %27da Funk, Martial arts and movie star, Kept ducks in his studio to help him illustrate a story, Used photographs to fight child labor, Composer of the Ninth Symphony, First black athlete to play major league baseball in U.S., Won Caldecott Award fo Where the Wild Things Are, King of Hawaiian surfingstimulate your students , Singer,

Maurice Sendak, Ludwig von Beethoven, Chris Van Allsburg, Savion Glover, Harry Houdini, Bruce Lee, Hilary Hahn, Duke Kahanamoku, Maria Tallchief, Jackie Robinson invite students , Beyonce, Annie Oakley interactive learning , Lewis Hine, Robert McCloskey, Babe Didrikson, Bill Cosby,