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Hi again guys!!! Fill in the blanks with the word or words that fit best. Take into account what you just learned!!! :)

1. A: So, # meet your parents tomorrow?
I will call you tomorrow, I%27m going to Paris, Answer_3_(optional),
2. The negative form for WILL is #
Don%27t will, Won%27t, Answer_3_(optional) learning ,
3. My brother # going to graduate tomorrow
is, will online quizzes , Answer_3_(optional),
4. The phone just rang. You and your family are in the living room. You are the closest to the phone. You might say: #
will, am going to teacher , Answer_3_(optional),
5. A: Oh! Shoot! I forgot my wallet! I have no money B: Don%27t worry: I # lend you some.
you are going to, are you going to, Answer_3_(optional),
6. B: I don%27t think my girlfriend can meet my parents tomorrow. She just got very sick. I think she # go.
will, am going to have, Answer_3_(optional),
7. A: So, What # do after you graduate?
your girlfriend is going to, is your girlfriend going to, Answer_3_(optional),
8. A: Good morning, What would you like to order? B: mmm.... I # have some french fries and a can of diet soda
will, won%27t, Answer_3_(optional),
9. A: Oh! This box is really heavy! B: Wait! I # help you!
am going to, will, Answer_3_(optional),