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Unit 5 Review

Indian Removal Act of 1830, Trail of Tears, Mexican War, Andrew Jackson, Lewis and Clark, Canal, New farm inventions, Gadsen Purchase, American Dream, Worchester v. Georgia, Reservations, Industrial Revolution, Louisiana Purchase, American System, Manifest Destiny, Railroads,

Law passed that moved Native Americans west, The land bought from France for $15 million. help students assimilate material , Long journey of the Cherokee, they were moved west, Land owned by Native Americans, President who removed the Native Americans, Man made waterway. educational activities , American had the right and duy to expand west, Territory bought from Mexico. It includes part of Arizona., Henry Clay%27s plan for improvements of roads, bridges and canals, Time when there was a lot of machines and factories., The men who led the exploration of the Louisiana Purchase, Court case said that Cherokee were independent, Name of the war between the US and Mexico, fought for Texas, These made traveling easier and faster, Every American can work hard to get what they want, The steel plow, mechanical reaper, the cotton gin,