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Vasta k├╝simustele jaatavalt.

Yes, I have., Yes, he/ she has., Yes, it has., Yes, they have.,

Have you got long hair?, Has your mother got blue eyes?, Has your cat got green eyes?, Have the boys got a football?, Have you got a new laptop?, Has your friend got a bike?, Has the rabbit got a short tail?, Have they got a new mate?, Have you got an extra pencil?, Has Peter got ten classmates?, Has your dog got puppies?, Have your friends got mobile phones?, Have you got a tissue?, Has your deskmate got a sister?, Has this animal got long ears?, Have your kittens got long tails?, Have you got three brothers?, online learning games Has Sally got a little nose?, activity Has your puppy got a new ball?, Have the girls got a basket?, Have you got a parrot?, Has your grandad got a car?, Has this dog got short tail?, quiz builder Have your brothers got many friends?, Have you got biscuits?, Has she got a green dress?, Has the kitten got lovely eyes?, Have the children got many toys?, Have you got a message?, Has he got a string?, multiple choice questions Has this animal got long legs?, Have they got tissues?,