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Chapter 9

1. If a user enters Single User Mode, who is she automatically logged in as?
GRUB needs to be reinstalled after it has been modified, LILO need not be reinstalled after it has been modified., GRUB points to LILO., GRUB need not be reinstalled after it has been modified.,
2. Which of the following statements is true?
pass, pwd educational activities , passwd, p,
3. Which two commands entered at a command prompt start X Windows, the Window Manager, and the default desktop environment? (Choose two answers.)
1, 6 results history , 0, 5,
4. Which runlevel halts the system?
/etc/initstate, /inittab, /etc/init, /etc/inittab,
5. To make dual booting as easy as possible, Linux should be the second operating system installed. True or False?
startgui, gdm, startx , winstart,
6. Which command is used to reinstall LILO after its configuration has been altered?
The boot loader points to the MBR., Either the MBR or the active partition can contain the boot loader., Both the MBR and the active partition point to the boot loader., The boot loader points to the active partition.,
7. How many active partitions can there be per hard disk drive?
lilo, refresh, set lilo, reset lilo,
8. If GRUB has been password protected, what must you type to enter the password when at the graphical GRUB screen?
default, prompt, root, image,
9. What is the name of the directory that contains the configuration information for runlevel 2?
TRUE, FALSE printable , ,
10. Which command can be used to fine-tune the vsync and hsync of a video card for use in X Windows?
4, 16, 1, 2,
11. Which of the following statements is true?
(hd3,2), (hd4,3), (hd2,3), (hd2,1),
12. Which of the following indicates the second partition on the third hard disk drive to GRUB?, XFce, Xconfigurator, XFree86,
13. Which file does init reference on startup to determine what to configure for a given runlevel?
/etc/rc.d/rc2.d, /rc.d/rc2.d, /etc/rc.d/l2.d, /etc/inittab/rc2/d,
14. The first process generated on a Linux system is ___________.
/boot, /root, /bin, /,
15. What keyword in the LILO configuration file specifies the absolute pathname to the Linux kernel?
a. the user name she provided, root, admin, there is no user available in Single Mode,
16. The timeout value in the GRUB configuration file is measured in?
a. initstate, b. inittab, init quiz builder , linux,
17. Which two implementations of X Windows are commonly used in Linux? (Choose two answers.)
X.config, system-config-display, xconfig, xvidtune,
18. Which command causes the system to enter Single User Mode?
init 0, init 1, init 6, initstate 5,
19. Which utility can be used to configure the video card and monitor used by X Windows in Red Hat Fedora Core 2?
seconds, 1/10 of miniutes, 1/10 of seconds, 1/100 of seconds,