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Early Man

1. The survival of Paleolithic humans depended on --
irrigation, the domestication of animals, the availability of wild plants and animals, cave art
2. Which of the following is a characteristic of Paleolithic humans?
developed oral language, domesticated plants, created advanced tools and weapons, settled in large communities
3. What change made it possible for humans to live in settled communities?
pottery, cave art, weaving, agriculture
4. Where is Stonehenge?
Fertile Crescent, East Africa, England, Egypt
5. How can archaeologists determine the age of human remains?
observation, radio-carbon dating, excavation, x-ray dating
6. interactive learning Which archaeological site is in Anatolia?
Catalhoyuk, Jericho quiz builder , Aleppo, Stonehenge
7. All of the following are characteristics of Paleolithic humans EXCEPT:
learned how to make and use fire, were nomadic, lived in clans, domesticated animals
8. Why did Old Stone Age people move?
They needed new food supplies., They needed a places to build cities., They needed new pastures for their animals., They needed fertile farmland.
9. distance learning What was the biggest change between the %22Old%22 and %22New%22 Stone Ages?
agriculture, trading, art, oral language