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Da Gama, Columbus, Eric the Red, Coronado, Magellanstimulate your students , Amerigo Vespucci, Cortes, De Soto create online activities , Pizarro, John Cabot, Dias, Balboa, Leif Eriksson help students assimilate material , Marco Polo, Henry the navigator, Juan Ponce de Leon,

made it around the tip of Africa, Spent 17 years in China and traveled over land and sea. school , Leif Eriksson%27s father, claimed Florida for Spain (was looking for the fountain of youth), claimed much of the Southwestern part of the U.S. for Spain create online tests , Viking explorer who landed on Newfoundland, Canada, America was named after him., conquered the Incas, first to reach the Pacific Ocean, He was fascinated with the sea and wanted to find an all water route., first European to explore North America (search of a Northwest Passage), claimed the southeastern part of the U.S. for Spain educational games , made it all the way around Africa, headed West and opened up the Western hemisphere to Europe, his crew made it around the world online learning games , conquered the Aztecs for their gold and silver,