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IBF: Lesson 3: Web Browsers

encryption, relative URL, SSL, deep URL online quizzes , URL, TLS, extranet, home page, URI, absolute URL, wizard, webinar, authentication, intranet, pop-up window, cookies results , decryption,

standardized method of referring to a resource, interactive web based training or seminar, secure sockets layer, transport layer security, converting encrypted data back to its original form, small browser window that appears in front of your work, small text file that contains info sent between client and server, URL that gives abbreviated path to a resource, internal network based on TCP/IP protocols computer assisted language learning , prevent access to information by converting it to a scrambled form, designed to allow access to selected external users, the first page that displays when you access a domain, verifying the identity of a user who logs onto the system quiz builder , a URL that gives full path to a resource, a text string that identifies internet address, a tool that assists in creating documents based on templat, a URL that includes a path past the domain,