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AR Conjugation Practice

1. prepare quiz Cantar (tu)
Canto, Cantas, Canta, Cantamos
2. Celebrar (nosotros)
Celebraramos, Celbramos, Celebrmos, Celebramos
3. Golpear (ella)
golpeas, golpea generate answer keys , golpeamos, golpeo
4. Odiar (ellos)
Odian, Odan, Odiaran, Odion
5. multiple choice questions Desayunar (nosotros)
Desayunaramos, Desaynamos, Desayunamos, Desaunamos
6. Esperar (yo)
Esperaro, Espero, Esperamons, Esppero
7. Estudiar (tu)
Estudias, Estudiaras, Estudas, Estudiasas
8. Llevar (Ud.)
Llevar, Llevara, Lleva, Llevan
9. Manejar (ellas)
Manejaran, Maneja, Manejas, Manejan
10. crossword maker Amar
to hate, to like, to look, to love
11. Trabajar
To live, To play, To work , To teach
12. Gritar
To yell, To have fun, To scream, To hate
13. Viajar
To fly, To travel, To eat breakfast, To swim
14. Ganar
To lose, To hide, To sing, To win
15. Llevar
To take, To wear, To carry, All of the above
16. Odiar
To hate, To sing online quizzes , To study, To wait
17. Bailar
To dream, To do, To be, To dance
18. Esperar
To wait, To hope, Both A and B, Neither A or B
19. Cocinar
To create, To cook, To crunch, To crave