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NT: Lesson 2: TCP/IP Suite and Internet Addressing

Network, Physical , Internet Architecture , ARP, Data Link, OSI/RM, Presentation, TCP/IP, IGMP, Application , Transport, Application Transport Internet Network Access, Session, Protocol, ICMP, IP ESL ,

Layer 3 of the OSI/RM, Internet Group Management Protocol activity , Layers of internet architecture, Internet Protocol, Address Resolution Protocol, Established rules that enable data to flow from one NIC to another, Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol, Defined by the International Organization for Standardization, Layer 4 of the OSI/RM, Layer 2 of the OSI/RM, Layer 5 of the OSI/RM, This architecture divides protocols into four layers, Layer 6 of the OSI/RM, Layer 7 of the OSI/RM, Internet Control Message Protocol, Layer 1 of the OSI/RM,