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Match Dressings

Match up each dressing to the type of wound it may be used on by dragging the correct answer across.

Mepilex %26 Allevyn distant learning , Cavity wounds, Jelonet, Minor abrasions, Tegaderm %26 OpSite, %26 Primapore, Stage I pressure ulcers , Tegaderm %26 OpSite, Burns, Gauze, Aquacel, Promote haemostasis, Intrasite gel, Skin tears, Primapore, Kaltostat %26 AlgiSite M, Comfeel %26 Duoderm active teaching ,

Minor wound s or as a secondary dressing quiz generator , Mepilex %26 Allevyn , Comfeel %26 Duoderm , Ulcers, Venous %26 presssure ulcers, Stage II-IV pressure ulcers, IV %26 central line dressingsstimulate your students , Sloughy or necrotic wounds, Wounds healing by secondary intention , Alginates: use on venous ulcers web tool , Aquacel, Kaltostat %26 AlgiSite M, Tegaderm %26 OpSite, Comfeel %26 Duoderm , Superficial cuts %26 lacerations, Surgical incision site,