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Y6: Vocab 1 (Shemos 1:1-7)

בוא, יצא, אָח language , שֵׁם grading , אִישׁ, ____וּ, מות, ה_[place]_, נֶפֶשׁ , אֶרֶץ, מלא, דוֹר, ים_____ printable , שִׁבְעִים, וּ_____, רבה, יֶרֶך , וֹת____, בַּיִת learning , וֹ___,

thigh, brother, To..., man, fill, come, plural, soul, go out stimulate your students , land, plural, name, house, increase, die, seventy, generation school , his, and, they,