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Internet Communication Methods

HTTPS, FTP File Transfer Protocol learning , LAN, Remote Desktop sharing, Video Conference %26 Communication, Social Networking, Internet, Wikis, Blogs, URL, VoIP Web phone, Instant Messaging (IM), Desktop Sharing, SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol, WAN,

It is a protocol used to send and recieve Email messages from servers, Uniform Resource Locator, A massive network of interconnected networks, A network that uses long distance communication technologies, Facebook, MySpace and Many others- Twitter, Journal or News letter frequently updated for public consumption, Technology which carries voice communication using IP network, It is responsible for requesting and retrieving web pages-, Text-based interface that lets users communicate in real time, It is used for security sensitive communication i.e online banking, Local Area Network, A system which uses computer, video camera and network connection, Allow others to remotely access desktop operating system, It is web based application that lets public add and edit content, It is a method for moving files over a network, from one computer to another, Allows collaborators to share their desktops - PowerPoint etc,