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3b 3c 3d 3c 4a Phoenicians, Persians, Hebrews - Matching

Jerusalem, Israel, Abraham, colony, diaspora, Ten Commandments, Phoenicians, Torah, imperial bureaucracy, Iran, Judaism, exile, tolerance, Zoroastrianism, Moses, Persians,

religion of Hebrews, made the first covenant with God; founder of Judaism, distant land settled by people who keep ties with a home country, led Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt; received Ten Commandments online , written law code; states Judaism%27s rules for moral and religious condut, policy of allowing people to have different religions, languages, ideas, people known for trade, shipbuilding, and the alphabet, city associated with origins of Judaism, tbook that contains the written records and beliefs of Judaism, a group of official that helps a leader govern, modern-day country that was Persian homeland, Persian religion; belief in two forces of good and evil, people known for tolerance, imperial bureaucracy, and roads , the scattering of Jewish people away from their homeland, modern-day country that was Jewish homeland, the state of being %22kicked out%22 of a land or area,