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FC Forming Adjectives

Beth sometimes behaves in a very silly and chid.., I won%27t trust her again, she%27s very dis... online learning games , -suffix that means %27without%27 english , suffix that means %27ful of%27 but isn%27t the suffix %27FUL%27, Please clean any dirt.., Do you think it%27s too danger... assess performance , Having chocolate biscuits for breakfast is not very health.., -suffix that means %27having the nature of%27, prefix that makes some words with %27l%27 mean %27not%27 or the opposite, That boy is naughty, but he%27s harm.., My grandfather always had a very passion.., suffix that means %27relating to quality or place%27, prefix that makes some words starting with %27m%27 or %27p%27 opposite, -prefix added to some adjectives beginning with %27r%27 to mean %27not%27 learning , -suffix that means %27approximately%27 or %27rather%27, Inter..., I like my drama teacher. She is very live.., -suffix that makes an adjective mean %27full of%27, There have been drama..., - suffix that makes a noun into an adjective ,

IC athletic, FUL thankful, IR irregular, honest., LESS careless, y., OUS dangerous save time , national flights leave from Terminal 1., IL illegible ESL , IM impossible, Y cloudy learning , ly., ous to go out after dark in this city?, tic changes in the education system., ARY customary, ISH reddish, ate interest in classical music., less., y equipment after doing the experiment., ish way.,