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Maintaining Computer Systems

Legal obligations, PATstimulate your students , H%26S prepare quiz , Sustainability, Policey, Maintenance online activities , Fire Hazards, COSHH matching excercise , Electrocution, Outage / Downtime, Computer systems, Procurement procedures elearning , Data Security, Problem escalation procedures, Back up generate answer keys , ESD,

How you report unresolved issues, Guidelines to perform tasks correctlystimulate your students , Mnimising risk to users and equipment, Be safe from electricity related shocks and injuries., Portable applience testing, Keeping copies of important information, Buying replacement components web tool , Employer %26 Employee responsibilities/rights., Have knowledge of correct fire equipment , How long the system will be out during maintenance, Control of substance hazardous to health , Electrostatic Discharge active teaching , Keep systems running efficiently, Ensuring the system is not out of date., P.C%27s, Servers, Routers etc, Keeping data secure %26 confidential,