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Colonial Regions

Drag the word to the correct colonial region

New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, Southern Colonies, group_name4,

generate answer keys Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, online activities James Oglethorpe, most diverse region, 1607, Jamestown, Toleration Act of 1649, had fertile land and a long growing season, Dutch settled here, William Bradford , 1620, Pilgrims, Anne Hutchinson, Puritans, had mild winters, fertile land, seaports and ironworks, %22bread basket%22, had a long cold winters and a short growing season, Quakers settled here, had self-sufficient plantations , John Smith, House of Burgesses, Catholics settled here, Act of Toleration (1649), most people were involved in agriculture, test region known for religious tolerance, had a colony that was a haven for debtors, many immigrants moved to this region, Roger Williams , Mayflower Compact, John Winthrop, interactive learning William Penn, Thomas Hooker, John Rolfe,