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Internal Anatomy Crossword Puzzle

Review Lecture 4 and practice learning the vocabulary and concepts associated with the internal anatomy of a honey bee.

Crossword hints:
Sperm stored in the ___________________ in a queen can last from 2-5 years. , Threadlike tubular structures called the _______ tubules are part of the excretory system., The blood of a bee is called ____________., The ___________ gland is located produces a pheromone that is useful in the orientation of bees., The blood of the honey bee is what color?, The _______ gland produces royal jelly., ___________ only mate once in their lifetime., This part of the digestive system is used to carry nectar from the flowers to the hive and also goes by the name %27honey stomach%27., The series of holes in the exoskeleton that connects the trachea to the outside of a bee., This is the area in which most digestion and absorption occurs. It opens to the rectum.,

Crossword words: