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IBF: Lesson 2: Internet Technology 2

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Dial up connection Direct connection, domain name server create online quizzes , .com .edu .org, cloud computing, Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol, shared domain, T and E carriers, Connectivity, Speed, Lockout, host, Flexibility %26 Scalability, root-level server, top-level domain, domain name system (DNS), fully qualified domain name (FQDN), 802.11,

examples of top-level domains , a computer that other computers use to gain information educational activities , TCP/IP, ISP offer these options for connecting to the Internet, Advantages of cloud computing, a server that resolves domain names into IP addresses, wireless standard, The group into which a domain is categorized by common topic, Internet Standard for transferring e-mail messages , hosting service allows multiple entities to share same domain, Disadvantages of cloud computing, dedicated digital telephone lines, a system that maps names to specific internet addresses, the complete domain name on an internet computer, A server at the highest level of the Domain Name System, able to access software over internet instead of from desktop,