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IBF: Lesson 2: Internet Technology 2

top-level domain, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), 802.11, domain name system (DNS), .com .edu .org, Dial up connection Direct connection, cloud computing, domain name server, Flexibility %26 Scalability, shared domain, fully qualified domain name (FQDN), host, Connectivity, Speed, Lockout, T and E carriers, Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol, root-level server,

wireless standard online activities , Disadvantages of cloud computing, a system that maps names to specific internet addresses, Internet Standard for transferring e-mail messages , A server at the highest level of the Domain Name System, a server that resolves domain names into IP addresses, a computer that other computers use to gain information, The group into which a domain is categorized by common topic generate answer keys , examples of top-level domains , TCP/IP, able to access software over internet instead of from desktop, Advantages of cloud computing, dedicated digital telephone lines, ISP offer these options for connecting to the Internet, hosting service allows multiple entities to share same domain distance learning , the complete domain name on an internet computer,