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Sequence of Tenses

1. She asked me when I ... to work.
had to go, will go, have gone, will have to go
2. e-learning She said it was a stupid idea and it ...
doesn%27t work, will have work, wouldn%27t work, works
3. She told America.
never was, had never been, will never be, would never be
4. He said that he ... to Oxford University in the 60s.
had been, will be, has been, was gone
5. Sha said that she ... help me because she had too much to do.
can%27t, will be able, is to, couldn%27t
6. I thought the film ... interesting and decided to go to the cinema.
had been, would be, is, will
7. She said she .... to Paris soon.
was going, went, goes, will go
8. He said that he ... to the theatre the day before.
had gone, would go, has gone, was going
9. They told me that she...there in half an hour.
was, will, would be, had been
10. He said that he ... her for several years.
knows , will know, would know, had known
11. The old man told me he ... in the country all his life.
has lived, lives, is living, had lived
12. They asked her if she ... to work on Saturdays.
will want, has wanted, wanted, wanting
13. I heard that Kate ... a new position at the East Side Clinic.
had accepted, has accepted, is accepting, will accept
14. I doubted if she ... see my point.
will, would, has seen, ___
15. She told me that she ... to the cinema.
went, has gone, had gone, is going