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IBF: Lesson 2: Internet Technology

Crossword hints:
The protocol for transporting HTML documents across the Internet, An organization that maintains a gateway to the Internet and rents access to customers on a per-use or subscription basis., An Internet protocol used to transfer files between computers; allows file transfer without corruptionor alteration., A device that enables wireless systems to communicate with each other, provided that they are on the same network., The data transmission standard for the internet. Every computer connected to the Internet has its own IP address which enables a packet of data to be delivered to a specific computer., The amount of information, sometimes called traffic, that can be carried on a network at one time., A definition or format that has been approved by a recognized standards organization., Abbreviation for modulator / demodulator. A device that enables computers to communicate over telephone lines by translating digital data into analog signals., The Internet standard protocol for transferring e-mail messages from one computer to another., A protocol that resides on an incoming mail server. The current version is POP3., On Usenet, a subject or other topical interest group whose members exchange ideas and opinions. Participants post and receive messages via a news server., Collectively, the variations of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), which include ASDL, RADSL and HDSL., A protocol that allows a computer to connect to the Internet over a phone line., A collection of thousands of internet computers, newsgroups and newsgroup members using Network News Transfer.,

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