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Drop each type of matter in the right category

compounds, elements, homogeneous mixtures, hetergeneous mixtures,

Manganeses, Ethanol (C2H6), Air, sea water, Mercury, carbon dioxide, Jewelry that we wear (no stones), freshly squeezed orange juice, Pure gold, online quizzes pure water, stainless steel, italian dressing, nitrogen gas, hydrogen peoxide (H2O2), alloys, online quizzes concrete, Iron metal, sugar (C2H12O6), milk, results history a sample of salt and pepper, Titanium, hydrogen chloride (HCl), freshly brewed cofee, printable vegetable soup, Uranium, Sodium chloride (Table salt), sugary water, raisin bran cereal, chlorine gas, teacher Amonia (NH3), gatorade, chocolate chip cookie,