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Chemical vs. Physical change

Drop each one of these changes in the right category

Physical Change, Chemical change, group_name3, group_name4,

freezing water, tool for teachers sharpening a pen, interactive a hot glass cracking when placed in hot water, an antiacid tablet fizzes when mixed with HCl , assess performance An egg splitting open and spilling out, wood rotting, autumn leaves changing colors, tearing a piece of aluminum foil, bubbles escaping from soda, boiling water for soup, Sugar turning black after heating, Sugar fermenting, Baking cake, water freezes to make ice cubes, Milk turns sour, Evaporation of rubbing alcohol, grading Butter melting, disssolving sugar in water, digesting food, grating cheese, Silver tarnishing, Moth balls gradually vaporize in closet, Hydrofluoric acid etching glass, hydrogen burns in chlorine gas, frying chicken, a nail rusting, slicing potatoes for fries, class web page fogging a mirror with your breath, dyeing fabric, writing on a paper, food molding, mending a broken bone,