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IBF: Lesson 2: Internet Technology

World WIde Web (WWW), gateway, Local Area Network (LAN) online education , Web site, Web page, Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, server, web browser, client, backbone, node, Internet, Wide Area Network (WAN), Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), packet, network,

a group of two or more computers connected to communicate, A world wide web server and its content, software allows users to access resources on the internet, an individual computer connected to a network, group of computers connected over wide area, HTML document that can be linked to or from other HTML pages, enables users to access and view Web pages on the Internet, suite of protocols turns data into packets sent across internet, data processed by protocols so it can be sent over a network online learning games , group of computers connected over confined area, served as the basis for early networking research, any entity on a network that can be managed , a node on a network that serves as portal to other network language , a worldwide network of interconnected networks, highest level in computer network hierarchy, a computer in a network that manages network resourc,