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IBF: Lesson 2: Internet Technology

network active teaching , Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, Internet, client, Web page, web browser, Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), node, gateway, server, Web site, Wide Area Network (WAN), packet class website , Local Area Network (LAN), backbone, World WIde Web (WWW) online learning games ,

any entity on a network that can be managed , served as the basis for early networking research, a group of two or more computers connected to communicate, a node on a network that serves as portal to other network, suite of protocols turns data into packets sent across internet, group of computers connected over wide area, a computer in a network that manages network resourc, enables users to access and view Web pages on the Internet learning , data processed by protocols so it can be sent over a network, HTML document that can be linked to or from other HTML pages, a worldwide network of interconnected networks invite students , software allows users to access resources on the internet, an individual computer connected to a network, highest level in computer network hierarchy, A world wide web server and its content, group of computers connected over confined area,