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GK: The שִׁשַָּׁה סִדְרֵי מִשְׁנָה intro

This will test you on the names of the שִׁשַָּׁה סִדְרֵי מִשְׁנָה, the laws that you would expect to find in each them, and a little bit of general knowledge about Mishnah and Gemoro. Hatzlocho!

In מוֹעֵד I would find laws about..., טָהֳרוֹת , מוֹעֵד , In טָהֳרוֹת I would find laws about..., בְּרַיְיתָא, In זְרָעִים I would find laws about..., נְזִיקִין , תָּנָאִים, In קֳדשִׁים I would find laws about..., אֲמוֹרָאִים, נָשִׁים , In נְזִיקִין I would find laws about..., קָדְשִׁים, רַבִּי יְהוּדָה הַנָשִיא, זְרָעִים , In נָשִׁים I would find laws about... language ,

means %22Seeds%22 computer assisted language learning , The discussions of the ______ forms the מִשְׁנָה, בֵּית הַמִקְדָשׁ, קָרְבָּנוֹת, שְׁחִיתָה, kashrus, The discussions of the ______ forms the גְמָרָא, Discussions of the תָּנָאִים not included in the מִשְׁנָה, means %22Times%22, means %22Holy Things%22, Compiled the discussions of תָּנָאִים into %22the מִשְׁנָה%22, means %22Women%22, purity, like mikveh, property, business and justice, the calendar and the חַגִים mix questions , means %22Pure Things%22, marriage and divorce, means %22Damages%22, farming, בְּרָכוֹת for food and תְּפִילָה,