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GK: Seforim in Torah and Mishnah

You will find lots of titles of Chumoshim (Five Books of the Torah) and Sedorim (Six %27Orders%27 of the Mishnah). You must drag each title to its correct Home: 1. Torah - put the five Chumoshim of the Torah here 2. Mishnah - put the six Sedorim of the Mishnah here 3. Trick! - put all the trick titles here. These may be titles in Judaism, but if they don%27t belong in Torah or Mishnah, they go here! For example, if you see BERAISHIS, it goes into TORAH. Notes: - Every titles belongs somewhere. - There is only one correct answer for each question. - Think before you click. Incorrect answers are logged as well as correct ones. - Watch your time - Hatzlocho!