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personality adjectives

1. chamski
bold, rude, responsible, impolite
2. towarzyski
reserved, sophisticated, sociable, irresponsible
3. sknera
mean, selfish, generous, careless
4. troskliwy
careful, careless, caring, carefree
5. dzielny
brillient, boring, wise, brave
6. powa┼╝ny
sensible, selfish, serious, stupid
7. english szczodry
great matching excercise , generous, talkative, mean
8. gadatliwy
intelligent, talkative, wise, smart
9. dojrzaly
mature, immature, lively, adult
10. odpowiedzialny
funny, responsible, careful, irresponsible
11. wyluzowany
careless, lazy, outgoing, laid-back
12. radosny
caring, helpful, cheerful, funny
13. zachwycony
proud, generous, modest, delighted
14. dumny
fair, proud, mature, serious
15. autorytarny
bossy, creative, stupid, unambitious
16. zarozumialy
big-headed, stubborn, boastful, rude
17. teacher cichy
calm, loud, quiet, quite
18. web tool nieuczciwy
disorganised, disrespectful, dishonest, domineering
19. ciamajda
clumsy, lively, slow, cheerful