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NT: Lesson 1: Protocols

TCP, UDP, Class B, connectionless protocol, Class A, non-routable protocol, Stateful, IP, IPX computer assisted language learning , connection oriented protocols, TCP/IP, SPX, Binding Protocol grading , IPv4, IPX/SPX, IPv6,

a connectionless protocol. Does not rely on handshake, relies on %22best effort%22 technology to send information, connectionless protocol found on network layer of OSI/RM assess performance , uses 32-bit addresses, connectionless protocol responsible for providing addres, attaching TCP/IP to your network interface card., a rouable protocol, addresses assigned to large networks, This protocol suite was developed by Novell, Inc., uses predefined or static routes that cannot be changed, a collection of protocols that includes TCP, IP and UDP, uses 128-bit addresses save time , connection-oriented transport layer protocol, requires host to establish a connection, addresses assigned to medium-sized network, another name for connection oriented protocol,