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NT: Lesson 1: Transmission Media

Coaxial cable, Shielded Twisted Pair cable, STP, Solid wire, British Naval Connector, Unshielded Twisted Pair cable, Attenuation, Cross-over cable, RJ-45, Plenum, BNC, Fiber Optic Cables, Single Mode, Stranded wire, UTP, Multi Mode educational games ,

can span long distances, but will break if bent multiple times, Shield Twisted Pair, high capacity cable used for video and communications, British Naval Connector, Commonly used to connect coaxial cable to NICs hubs, weakening of a transmission signal the further it travels, Registered Jack 45, Unshielded Twisted Pair, uses a specific light wavelength. , Lets you connect two computers without using a hub, Consists of two small glass strands, uses a large number of frequencies, most common wire type; flexible and easy to use, Space between building floors, most common, least expensive but least secure cabling, a metal sheath wrapped around wires, protects these cables,