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CBA Telecommunications Test (Modified)

1. Interfering with other people’s computer work is an ethical thing to do.
True, False, -, -
2. You should not snoop around in other people’s computer files.
True, False, -, -
3. It is unethical to use a computer to steal.
True, False, -, -
4. learning Using a computer to pretend to be someone you are not would be an example of bearing false witness.
True, False, -, -
5. web 2.0 It is ethical to use software you didn’t pay for.
True, False, -, -
6. You should not use other people’s computer resources without their permission
True, False, -, -
7. It is wrong to copy intellectual works of someone else without their permission.
True, False, -, -
8. Programmers should think about the social consequences of the programs they write.
True, False, -, -
9. You should always use a computer in ways that are respectful of your fellow computer users.
True, False, -, -
10. test What are standards of appropriate behavior for computer users?
computer ethics, computer crime dynamic quiz , -, -
11. What is the term used for the transmitting of information and communication electronically?
-, -, Protocol, Telecommunication
12. Computers that are connected to each other make up a _____.
Domain, -, Network, -
13. results history A computer that is not connected to a network is referred to as a _____.
-, -, LAN, Stand Alone
14. Computers that are connected and ready to receive and/or transmit data considered to be _____.
-, HTML, -, online
15. What is a computer network that covers a small area called?
-, -, Internet, Local Area Network
16. What is a company’s private network of computers called?
-, -, Intranet, Local Area Network
17. What is a vast network of computers linked to one another?
-, Internet, Intranet, -
18. What is a system of computers that share information by means of hypertext links that is a subset of the Internet?
-, -, Intranet, Local Area Network
19. What is a shortcut that allows you to jump to another location?
Fax, Hyperlink, -, -
20. What are Internet addresses that identify hypertext documents?
-, -, LAN, URL
21. What are the rules that must be observed for two electronic devices to communicate with each other?
-, -, Modem, Protocol
22. What is a description of a computer’s “location” on the Internet that identifies the Web server on which the page is stored?
Domain Name, Domain Name Extension, -, -
23. What are categories of Internet domain names called?
-, Domain Name Extensions, Protocols, -
24. What is the document generated by a facsimile machine called?
Fax, Hyperlink, -, -
25. What is the term used for the transmission of messages and files using a computer network?
E-Mail, -, -, Snail Mail