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CBA Telecommunications Test

1. Interfering with other people’s computer work is an ethical thing to do.
True, False, -, -
2. You should not snoop around in other people’s computer files.
True, False, -, -
3. It is unethical to use a computer to steal.
True, False, -, -
4. Using a computer to pretend to be someone you are not would be an example of bearing false witness.
True, False, -, -
5. It is ethical to use software you didn’t pay for.
True, False, -, -
6. You should not use other people’s computer resources without their permission
True, False, -, -
7. It is wrong to copy intellectual works of someone else without their permission.
True quiz generator , False, -, -
8. Programmers should think about the social consequences of the programs they write.
True, False, -, -
9. You should always use a computer in ways that are respectful of your fellow computer users.
True, False, -, -
10. results history What are standards of appropriate behavior for computer users?
computer ethics, computer crime, ethical hackers, ten commandments
11. What is the term used for the transmitting of information and communication electronically?
Distance Learning, Information Super Highway, Protocol, Telecommunication
12. Computers that are connected to each other make up a _____.
Domain, HTML, Network, online
13. A computer that is not connected to a network is referred to as a _____.
Fax, Intranet, LAN, Stand Alone
14. Computers that are connected and ready to receive and/or transmit data considered to be _____.
Domain, HTML, Network, online
15. What is a computer network that covers a small area called?
Information Super Highway, Internet, Internet, Local Area Network
16. What is a company’s private network of computers called?
Information Super Highway, Internet, Intranet, Local Area Network
17. What is a vast network of computers linked to one another?
Fax, Internet, Intranet, Local Area Network
18. active teaching What is a system of computers that share information by means of hypertext links that is a subset of the Internet?
Fax, Internet, Intranet, Local Area Network
19. What is a shortcut that allows you to jump to another location?
Fax, Hyperlink, Modem, Protocol
20. What are Internet addresses that identify hypertext documents?
21. What are the rules that must be observed for two electronic devices to communicate with each other?
Fax, Hyperlink, Modem, Protocol
22. help students assimilate material What is a description of a computer’s “location” on the Internet that identifies the Web server on which the page is stored?
Domain Name online quizzes , Domain Name Extension, Protocol, Uniform Resource Locator
23. What are categories of Internet domain names called?
Domain Names, Domain Name Extensions, Protocols, Uniform Resource Locators
24. What is the document generated by a facsimile machine called?
Fax prepare quiz , Hyperlink, Modem, Protocol
25. What is the term used for the transmission of messages and files using a computer network?
E-Mail class page , Hyperlink, Modem Mail, Snail Mail