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Two Stories

This is a practice type activity. You may repeat it for 100%25!

1. Sarah mistook the stalker for someone named ___? (A Cautionary Tale)
11, 12, 13, 16,
2. What did Julie find out about Tom afterwards? (Julie%27s Journey)
22, 30, 45, 56,
3. As their relationship developed, Tom started to ___ Julie. (Julie%27s Journey)
retaliate against her parents., her friend told her to., she thought he was a teacher., she wanted to impress her friends.,
4. In Julie%27s Journey, she says, %22The Internet is like a knife, it is very helpful, but it can also ___?
date, go to parties with, manipulate, help,
5. What did Tom say he would do to Julie if he could? (Julie%27s Journey)
run away, meeting Tom%27s family, introducing Tom to her parents, going on dates,
6. In Julie%27s Journey, how old was Tom really?
he won the lottery., he went back to his family., he went to jail., he returned Julie to her parents.,
7. How old was Julie when she met Tom? (Julie%27s Journey)
He would have given her a new life., He had cancer. ESL , He was already married., He was a convicted murderer.,
8. In A Cautionary Tale, the police gave Sarah gave this advice: (more than one correct answer)
show her how to use the internet., put her in jail., pay for her college., kill her.,
9. What eventually happened to Tom? (Julie%27s Journey)
she wished she%27d never run away., she wished she had talked to someone., little things can become big things, don%27t ever use the Internet.,
10. In %22A Cautionary Tale%22, even though Sarah didn%27t give any him any information, what was the stalker able to find out? (more than one correct answer)
appropriate, cute, careful, funny,
11. In Julie%27s Journey, what did Julie end up doing with Tom?
Tom, Alex, Leroy, Jennifer,
12. In A Cautionary Tale, Sarah thought she was being ___?
her name., where she went to school., where she lived., what she looked like.,
13. In Julie%27s Journey, what did she say after it was all over? (there are several correct answers)
boyfriend, dad, uncle, teacher,
14. The stalker made Sarah think he was Jennifer%27s ___? (A Cautionary Tale)
never use a screen name that tells if you are a boy or girl, use a different screen name for each web site you use, set your social network (Facebook, My Space) to PRIVATE, never post your phone number on the internet,