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Chag (Y5): Rosh Hashonoh 5774 Year 5 Quiz

This Quiz is on Rosh Hashonoh. The questions are all ones that were in your Quiz that you took home this year. 1. You need to read the questions very carefully. 2. Then answer the question. You may need to tick a box, or write a short answer, or put something in order. 3. You will have 20 minutes. Watch your time. Don%27t let it run out! 4. When you have finished, it will give you your score. It will also tell you what you have got right and wrong. Read through all the correct answers. (You will not be able to go back to this screen.) 5. You may then try the Quiz again to see if you can get even higher mark! 6. All your answers are logged on Mr Levy%27s system. I can see how you did and this counts like any test that is written down. But don%27t worry - as long as you try your best, I will be proud of you. Hatzlocho rabbo! (%22good luck%22) Mr Levy